Software Maintenance

software maintenanceAccess technical support when you need it with our software maintenance plans. Our support team is there for you when a problem is identified by your users. We’re also there for you when operating systems and other dependent systems are updated.

Our software maintenance plans are designed to fit your needs for all Symphore software solutions so you can deliver to your clients worry free. Pick a plan that best fits your needs, whether it’s phone support, whether it ensures your software is always up to date for all operating systems and service packs, or whether you want the ability to tweak the software post acceptance without the hassle of starting a new project. We provide all the technical support needed throughout the lifetime of your software.

Software Maintenance Plans


The silver plan provides phone technical support anytime a problem arises. If you or your users have a question, we’re there to answer it.


The gold plan provides the same as the silver, but also includes updates of your custom software to accommodate any operating system changes or service packs. We will also repair any latent defects found in the software after the warranty period has expired.


The platinum plan provides the same as the gold plan with an additional allotment of priority development hours. Our Objecta™ technology allows us the quickly and efficiently alter entire software solutions. You can benefit from this capability. With the platinum plan, if you discover that your software solution needs to be tweaked with new features or use cases after the fact, we will implement those changes for you and redeploy the solution. It’s built into the cost, so you don’t have to start a new project. Just give us a call with the new requirement and we’ll get on it. This is flexibility is one way we help our customers realize their competitive advantage.

Your Software Maintenance Solution

Learn how our software maintenance solutions will support your vision and help you gain a competitive advantage.

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