Chris Woodward

Chris WoodwardIn 2011, Chris Woodward established Symphore, LLC with the intent to create a custom software development company that can truly transform the client’s vision into a working software solution, which exceeds expectations up front with Version 1.0.  This goal required a new technology that disrupts the traditional software development process.

Chris is the inventor of Objecta™ and the Objecta language, the core enabling technology at Symphore.  Objecta’s development is a confluence of 29 years of experience in technology and a vision for a new kind of software solutions company.

In his 29 years in the field of technology and software development, Chris has exemplified excellence, innovation, and leadership both in the US and abroad.  In 1991, he began his formal career with one of the world’s leading technology firms and has served in a multitude of roles including software developer, software architect, software development manager, and manager of software development engineering.

As a leader, Chris has led the formation and management of multi-million dollar development teams in the U.S. and overseas. He has managed every aspect of software development projects including accountability for the projects’ feasibility, risk, and profit and has carried the responsibility for the maintenance of project budgets, resource allocation, software architecture, development environment, and technology adoptions.

Under his leadership he has led the successful sale, development, and support of highly complex software systems for use in diverse environments and fields including:

  • Complex hierarchical financial data collection, processing, and reporting for business intelligence and insights

  • Human resources and payroll services

  • Factory assembly machines, including customer-specific software solutions for factory assembly processes

  • Code generation systems

  • Inventory management systems

  • High-performance data acquiring and monitoring tools to collect megabytes of data from robotic assembly machines and processes it for long-term storage and future data mining

  • Production monitoring systems to conduct analysis of the performance of equipment, personnel, and the efficiency of material supply logistics.

Chris’ success can be directly attributed both to his expert level knowledge of software development and his understanding of client needs.

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