Symphore Custom Software Features

Do you want enterprise-level custom software features without the cost and wait?

Custom software features typically found only in very high-end solutions are standard with your Objecta-developed original software.

Objecta Custom Software Development Features

Objecta™ is Symphore’s patented1 object-oriented, architectonic programming language. This new technology disrupts traditional software development, leading to a superior, rapidly deployed and more cost-effective software solution for you.

Best-in-class features include:


Concurrent Data Use

Do your users need to access data at the same time? Ensuring data integrity with concurrent access is a core feature of Objecta solutions. Any cloud- or enterprise-based solution must support multiple users on multiple devices who are concurrently accessing the same data. At Symphore, guaranteeing data integrity in this environment is our fundamental engineering goal. We offer multiple concurrency models to best suit your business needs.


Collaborative, Self-merging Technology

Updates to your data from all users are seamlessly merged in real time, taking your collaboration to a new realm. In dynamic business environments, multiple users need to review or work on the same data sets simultaneously. Traditionally, this problem is handled by making individual copies of the data for each team member. Each team member edits their own personal copy and subsequently submits the updates back to the person responsible for the information. That person will have to manually ‘merge’ the updates from the multiple sources. This is an extremely tedious and time consuming task.

Symphore introduces self-merging technology. We can provide a solution where we maintain revision information for each individual data field of any particular entity, which yields an unprecedented level of concurrency. This enables multiple users to act on the same entity simultaneously. The effect is that the updates from all users are seamlessly merging into the entity in real time. There is absolutely no need to check in and check out one user at a time.


Data Revisioning

Create different versions of your data for different audiences or as an archive to track changes for future reference.


Real-time Notifications

Your users are informed of changes to data with real-time notifications. There is no need to manually refresh data. Symphore solutions offer both push and pull data change notifications. Depending on the user device (web, desktop, mobile), we can build a solution that will give the user the sense they’re informed in real time of changes to information they’re interested in. There is no need to have a “refresh” button.



Undo/redo, typically available only in high-end solutions, makes your software easy to use. We can put undo/redo functionality into any solution giving it functionality that only the best of software has.



Advanced multi-language functionality enables data to be maintained in all languages. In the global economy, a software solution that supports localization of database text data in multiple languages is more important than ever. Symphore solutions provide the ability for any text field to be localized and the support is automatically available to maintain that text data in all of the desired languages. In addition, text data viewing is automatically coordinated with user settings so the users see the text in their preferred language.



Every user action is logged to an audit file or database. This includes any implicit changes or actions that result from the initial one. We can even create solution-specific use case identifiers to be associated with any particular user action. This makes the review of the audit log much more human friendly and recognizable by your user as familiar business activities.


SaaS Best Practices

Give your clients their own user portal and user management.


Hierarchical Data

Aggregate up or drill down. Harness complex organizational data and gain true insight to drive business decisions. Make your data come to life.

Tired of your data being handled as a flat sheet? In the real world, data is hierarchical in nature. We can build the true structure of your data into your software. You get the ability to traverse your data up, down, or sideways. You can drill down to the source levels, or walk up to discover information at the aggregate level.

Whether you have complex aggregate hierarchies, bill of material explosions, large organizational structures, or nested subassemblies, we master graph (i.e. hierarchical or object-oriented) data. Our Objecta™-based patterns create high-performance graph databases in regular relational tables. If you are trying to harness your complicated hierarchical data, the ability to traverse organizational or structural hierarchies gives data meaning at each level. Maintain data integrity at each level while intelligently aggregating your data upwards to get a true view of your organizational status.

Even with very complicated and deep data hierarchies, we can achieve very high performance. You can control the depth and breadth of loading, copy, and deleting data to best suit user responsiveness and application functionality. We will structure and engineer your data to serve you.

Hierarchical data gives structure to your data. And structured data gives meaning to your data. This meaning is information that is valuable to your organization.


Extrinsic Systems

In the vast world of computing today, it is often necessary to join two or more completely separate software systems together so that data can be shared. This circumstance can lead to bad data integrity because there are no mechanisms to properly maintain the link between the data in one system to the ‘same’ data in the other system. Symphore solutions are engineered to maintain the integrity between the duplicate data in the disjointed systems providing robust and reliable data even in shared environments.



If you’re looking for a solution that requires the rapid collection of measured or calculated time-based data from factory machinery, process results, geographic positioning, or other sorts of diagnostic and analytic sources, Symphore can provide a best-practice solution to collect, process, analyze, store and retrieve it. We can even link the process data to the original sources with full data integrity to provide superior analytical results.


Multiple Operating Systems

Objecta automatically creates impeccable code across all operating systems and platforms. With Objecta’s cross-device technology, separate development teams for each OS are no longer required.


Best-in-class Security

Protect your sensitive data with security as granular as you need. A host of features built into Objecta surpass today’s demanding security requirements. Learn more about Symphore’s data security features.


Just-in-time Decryption

Sensitive data is decrypted only when authorized users require access, limiting the risk and effects of a data breach.


User-level Field Access

Control access to individual data fields on a need-to-know basis.

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1US Pat. No. 9,720,652