First-Class Data Security Features

Data security has become a major topic for IT professionals. We have engineered many patterns to surpass the needs of today’s demanding security concerns.


A Symphore solution uses identity-based security at every level. Depending on your particular requirements, Symphore solutions have up to four levels of security when accessing data:

  1. Authentication: Is the user logged in and authenticated?
  2. Role- or privilege-based access: Does the user have the rights to do this particular task?
  3. Instance- or permission-based access: Does the user have access to this particular object instance? Symphore readily provides object-instance access control.
  4. Field-level access: Does the user have access to this object field? Symphore provides access control on highly sensitive data fields on a need-to-know basis. General users can have access to the majority of the data, while sensitive data fields can be restricted to just those users who need to know. Social security numbers, credit card numbers, and salary information can remain invisible to most users. Only highly privileged users get access to these object fields.

In addition, we provide many additional security features in our solutions:

Encrypted data storage

Encrypt any or all of your data in the database and in memory. Objecta allows you to pick and choose exactly which data is highly sensitive and must be encrypted. Data is only decrypted just in time for those users who have access to it. Otherwise, even if there’s a malicious data breach, your salary information, social security numbers, and other sensitive data remain out of reach.

Partially viewable encrypted data

In certain cases, such as for credit card numbers, portions of data must remain in clear text. We can easily provide this form of dual encryption and clear text as well.

Control access to a single field on a need-to-know basis

Certain data fields such as an employee’s salary can be defined as ‘privileged’ so that only a subset of designated users can see that information. The majority of the data remains visible to regular authorized users.

Roles (hierarchical)

Authorized users can create roles to best suit their security administration needs. New roles can contain other roles to make the management of security data very intuitive.


Authorized users can create new users for the solution. If necessary, security rights can be managed at the individual user level.

User Groups (hierarchical)

Authorized users can create user groups to easily manage organizational structures and administer security rights on groups of users. User groups can contain other user groups to reflect a natural hierarchical model of any organization.

Containers (hierarchical)

Authorized users can create folders or containers to hold entities/objects and assign security rights to the container. This simplifies the security administration of groups of objects. The folders and containers can contain other folders or containers to provide an intuitive tree structure to organize security settings.


Each individual entity/object can have its own security settings if necessary. This provides the most flexibility when designing a solution for any business.

What data security features do you need?

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