Architectonic Programming

Single-source, top-down, overarching programming paradigm to produce all components of the ensemble.

End-to-end Solution

An end-to-end solution is the same as a full-stack solution. See full-stack solution.

Full-stack Solution

A full-stack software solution is one that contains all of the individual components required to implement the solution completely. This includes all of the back-end components such as the server-side modules and the database implementation. The full-stack also includes all of the end-user applications on different devices that are part of the solution’s requirements.

Low Code

Fast application development with a minimum of hand coding.


Symphore introduces Objecta, our patented1 object-oriented architectonic programming language. This new technology disrupts the traditional way software development projects are executed, which leads to a superior, feature-rich software solution developed in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost of traditional development or platform solutions.
At Symphore, we build all of our clients’ original solutions with this innovative technology.

Native Code

Code produced directly for a specific environment.


SCADA is an anagram for ‘supervisory control and data acquisition’. SCADA is a type of industrial control system to control and monitor industrial processes. In terms of data acquisition (DA), SCADA requirements can be challenging due to the extremely large volumes of data that must be consumed per unit time from an industrial environment. Typically special patterns and design techniques are required.

Single Source

One central source for compiling and building all components of the software ensemble.

Software Ensemble

All components that form a single solution, including the database, back-end and utility components, web, mobile and desktop apps as required.

1US Pat. No. 9,720,652